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Produkte aus dem Hause mezzo-forte

Viola bow viola bow carbon, mezzo-forte***

Viola bow viola bow carbon, mezzo-forte***

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robust viola bow carbon, mezzo-forte***

Viola bow viola bow carbon mezzo-forte***

A very good, elegant carbon bow, also suitable for advanced users: This bow is manufactured according to our exact specifications, very cleanly processed, flawlessly covered and has a dead straight rod. There are no poorly fitting blocks or stiff screws. A model that sets standards in the lower to medium price range.

The rod is balanced, the center of gravity is exactly where it should be: at the transition from the lower to the middle third of the bow.

Other attributes:

Weight 70g, length 69cm

Brass fitting

Ebony frog with 3-part leg, Parisian eye, gusset, decoration

Natural hair

straight, very strong rod

clean workmanship, good center of gravity, balanced balance

The bow delivers a warm, juicy tone when used appropriately. It bounces slightly, but not unintentionally, and sticks well to the string. A real help when learning advanced line types.

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