EvoLine, DesignLine, PremiumLine

Many of the questions we are regularly asked relate to the exact differences between EvoLine, DesignLine and Premium Line. This also includes the Hybrid models, which are equipped with a permanently installed pickup system.

This article summarizes the differences between the three models mentioned.

1. EvoLine

We have been building the EvoLine instruments (violin 4/4 and 3/4 as well as cello) since 2019. The violin received a model upgrade in 2023, during which some minor irregularities were eliminated. This includes in particular a scale/neck length correction by 0.4 cm and the overall shape of the neck.

The EvoLine is designed as a budget model. This means that we use a time-effective process to produce the body and also spend significantly less time on the surface finish, without making any concessions in terms of sound.

As a result, all EvoLine instruments are only polished, not painted. This does not affect the insensitivity to sunlight or climate influences.

Visually, however, the EvoLine cannot keep up with the classic iridescent carbon pattern of the painted high-gloss instruments.

The standard setup for the violin corresponds to that of the DesignLine - except for the strings (EvoLine: Pirastro Violino, DesignLine Pirastro Evah Pirazzi).

For the cello, the setup is identical to the DesignLine.

Regarding the sound differences, our impression and that of our customers is as follows:

The violin EvoLine responds very reliably and precisely, carries very well, even outdoors (e.g. for street music). The tone is balanced, but a little less bright than the DesignLine, especially in the high positions of the E string.

Compared to the DesignLine, the cello has a little more power in the standard setup (Larsen Aurora). It requires a touch less bow pressure. The response is excellent in all positions. Again, the DesignLine cello shines a little more in the high registers of the A string and produces a slightly more colorful tone even with the appropriate bow technique.

Upgrades such as "OrchestraLine" (imitation wood) or 5-string instruments are not possible with the EvoLine.

2. DesignLine

We have been building the Design Line since 2011 and there have been several model upgrades during this long time. Most recently, in 2023, we shortened the cello head by 2 cm and adjusted the design of the violin because some customers reported that the cello was difficult to fit into their existing case.

We build the DesignLine instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass) using the vacuum infusion process, which involves a lot of manual work. The advantage is that we get a surface that is fairly flawless and can be painted almost immediately. However, it is necessary to sand them beforehand, which has to be repeated up to three times after each painting process. Finally, each instrument is intensively polished by hand to create the high-gloss surface that makes the carbon fiber material so attractive.

This complex surface treatment and the resulting outstanding appearance are responsible for the fact that the overall workload and thus the price increase significantly.

In addition, we have a lot of design freedom with the DesignLine instruments when it comes to the paintwork and can therefore fulfill almost all special requests in this regard. Even 5- or 6-string instruments (cello) are no problem.

3. PremiumLine

The Premium Line is the pinnacle of what we can currently achieve in terms of sound and handcrafted quality.

They are outstanding instruments that stand out both in terms of sound and appearance and then have to prove themselves further in a complex quality control process.

All PremiumLine instruments are equipped with all available sound upgrades (best bridge, best strings, Anima Nova carbon sound post, best sound endpin) and have particularly decorated Wittner pegs as a trademark. This makes them unmistakable.

The tone: Powerful and radiant in all registers, yet very easy to play and carries very well even in larger halls.

In total, only 1 - 2 instruments out of 20 qualify for the PremiumLine. This means that sometimes we are not able to fulfill all orders in an acceptable time frame and have to create a waiting list at times. We ask for your understanding, but we will not compromise on quality in the future in order to be able to deliver faster.

We hope that these tips will make your decision-making process easier. We would be happy to answer any further questions you may have and recommend the website chat for quick contact. If none of us are online at the moment, we will receive an email notification and will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading this article.