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Anima Nova

Upgrade for carbon viola: carbon sound post "Anima Nova"

Upgrade for carbon viola: carbon sound post "Anima Nova"

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The innovative sound post that can be adjusted in the instrument

Carbon sound post "Anima Nova"

As small and inconspicuous as it is, it is the heart of the string instrument: the sound post. Much more respectfully referred to by the Italians as "anima", the soul of the instrument.

The viola reacts very sensitively to the smallest changes in the sound post. If its position is shifted by just a fraction of a millimeter, the entire sound of the instrument changes. With Anima Nova for the viola, the soul of the string instrument is reborn - revolutionizing the tradition of the sound post through new material and its specific properties. Fitting the sound post remains precision work and is perfected to the finest degree with Anima Nova . The total price includes a complex fine adjustment in our workshop, which can be adjusted at any time by any violin maker who owns the tool.

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