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Set of strings violin Pirastro Perpetual 4/4

Set of strings violin Pirastro Perpetual 4/4

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Set of Pirastro Perpetual violin strings, outstanding strings with a unique sound spectrum

Pirastro Perpetual - virtuoso sound magic

The Perpetual product line impresses with its potential for tonal color and provides fullness of sound and radiance with almost overwhelming lightness. “Wind up and held” – this immediate reliability of the perpetual strings is an absolutely impressive and important criterion.

Within the range of violin strings, the PIRASTRO Perpetual have the largest tone volume with a very high carrying capacity in conjunction with precisely focused sound projection. The clarity of the Perpetual's sound does not lead to a reduction in its color richness. These characteristics are combined with concise tonal approaches and optimal response from fortissimo to the very quiet range.

It's not for nothing that we choose these strings for our best premium instruments.


Standard set: E-Platinum 26, A-Aluminum, D- and G-Silver

Pirastro recommends Olive/Evah Pirazzi rosin for these strings.

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