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Produkte aus dem Hause Pirastro

Set Pirastro OBLIGATO Viola

Set Pirastro OBLIGATO Viola

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The core material of the Evah Pirazzi Gold, Evah Pirazzi and Obligato string sets consists of a new synthetic multifilament.

This core filament is superior to other plastics and steel because it

  • offers a modulation capability that was previously not possible,

  • is completely insensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations and

  • offers the musician the greatest possibilities for expression.

In addition, the computer-controlled production technology enables the realization of new string constructions of the highest quality:

  • complex tone with a large overtone spectrum,

  • finest nuances in the pp, great fullness in the ff,

  • excellent playability,

  • excellent speech and

  • Mood stability as well

  • Can be used under all environmental conditions.

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