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Pirastro Perpetual EDITION as an upgrade for carbon cello

Pirastro Perpetual EDITION as an upgrade for carbon cello

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Certainly one of the best sets of strings on the market.

Pirastro Perpetual EDITION cello

Please note: Available at this price ONLY when ordered with a carbon cello. The standalone string set can be found under "Accessories".

We tested these strings extensively ourselves: the results were 100% convincing. Rarely has it been so much fun to play a carbon cello. Even our previous string favorite, the Thomastik set (Spirocore/Versum Solo), was once again clearly topped - although we wouldn't have thought this was possible.

The Perpetual Edition are – as one musician put it – strings bursting with power. Shine radiates audibly into the room, tone for tone, without any metallic sharpness.
With the Perpetual Edition, musicians have a palette with all colors in their hands, from focused, bright sound to room-filling warmth. The strings fulfill the desire for projection in an impressive way - with fullness of sound, volume, flexibility and a playability whose lightness inspires. The resistance of the Perpetual Edition, which is perceived as pleasant, results in an extremely fast and direct response, especially on the low strings.

Technical details:

with ball

A and D steel / chrome steel

G and C cable / tungsten

Break-in time reduced to a minimum, close to zero, immediately stable in tune (!!)

Pirastro's most powerful cello strings

Extremely wide sound spectrum thanks to unique decay behavior

very pleasant response

excellent durability

A string: Bright in the first few minutes, then turns into a very round, wide and brilliant sound with a dark timbre. A string that touches with its enamel. Huge dynamic range.

D string: “strong” string with great depth and enormous volume. Has a lot of body and plenty of strength, always warm and supportive in tone. Wonderfully easy to play.

G string: A string that wants to be tamed, challenges the cellist and influences the entire movement towards radiance and a thunderstorm of sound. Focused sound with a colorful spectrum and warmth in the underbody.

C string: Core and depth with directness and clarity. Very large volume. Even with the smallest arc impulses, the fundamental tone is always audible. Large and very long decay behavior. Impressive precision in sound.

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