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NEW! Carbon cello EvoLine Hybrid made in Germany

NEW! Carbon cello EvoLine Hybrid made in Germany

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The Carbon Cello "EvoLine Hybrid" - A Gateway to Musical Freedom

The Carbon Cello "EvoLine Hybrid" - Your Gateway to Musical Freedom

A New Era of Sound Diversity

Discover the Carbon Cello "EvoLine Hybrid", our innovative development from the year 2021, blurring the lines between acoustic purity and electric versatility. Made in Germany, this cello offers not just an honest and sonorous musical experience but also an outstanding value for money. It is your perfect companion on all journeys, short trips, and even for outdoor performances.

Unprecedented Connectivity

With its built-in ANS pickup system and convenient jack connection next to the spike, the "EvoLine Hybrid" opens up new musical horizons. Whether you want to dive into the world of "Crossover" or elevate your music with an amplifier, this cello makes it possible – with just one simple action.

Design Meets Functionality

The "EvoLine Hybrid" Cello not only impresses with its powerful sound and high-quality craftsmanship but also with its unique design. Unpainted but meticulously polished, it showcases the typical carbon look that delights the eye and guarantees 100% weather and climate resistance.

Exclusive Features for an Extraordinary Playing Experience

  • Full Carbon Body: For unparalleled sound resonance.
  • Wittner Fine Tuning Pegs: For effortless tuning precision.
  • LARSEN Aurora Strings: Makes every note shine.
  • Hypoallergenic Chin Rest: For maximum comfort while playing.
  • 100% Vegan: A testament to our commitment to sustainability.
  • NFC Fingerboard and Standard Strad Scale: For playability that leaves nothing to be desired.
  • Carbon Spike with Patented Screw: Offers stability in any position.

Available exclusively in size 4/4, the "EvoLine Hybrid" Cello is a masterpiece that bridges the gap between traditional cello playing and modern musical expressions. We are proud to offer this exclusive instrument at an extremely attractive price.

Expand your musical horizons with the Carbon Cello "EvoLine Hybrid" – your gateway to musical freedom.

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