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Produkte aus dem Hause ARCUS

First-class bass bow Carbon Arcus-Muesing C4

First-class bass bow Carbon Arcus-Muesing C4

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German bass bow C4

Stainless steel equipment, classic frog

Bass bow Carbon Müsing C4

The C4 is a match for the best conventional bows. At the same time, it is also much faster and more agile than traditional bows and is also more comfortable to hold.

The years of research and tinkering have paid off: another milestone has been achieved with the completion of the Müsing bass bows. Our bass bows are made to be your best friend that you can rely on under all circumstances. They not only offer an exceptionally clear and open sound, but also an excellent response and a better carrying capacity than most conventional bows. They also jump easily, but at the same time are very easy to control.

The Müsing bass bows are almost indestructible and their unique stainless steel housing will still shine a hundred years from now.

Other attributes:

Weight approx. 121g, total length 77cm, playing length 58cm

Frog: classic

Rod: round

Features: stainless steel

made in Germany

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