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German master violin by: Wilhelm Heckenthaler, Bremen 1984

German master violin by: Wilhelm Heckenthaler, Bremen 1984

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Master violin by Wilhelm Heckenthaler, Bremen 1984, soloist's instrument.


Fine master violin by the Bremen master violin maker Wilhelm Heckenthaler, original in all parts. We guarantee the authenticity of the instrument, the branding on the back and the original label.

The violin shows mastery of craftsmanship, even in the details. The head is finely and distinctively cut, the inlays are very cleanly crafted, and the choice of wood is exclusive. The instrument is slightly curved with medium red-brown, beautifully transparent lacquer.

The sound fits the instrument: from the open G string to the highest positions of the E string, this violin delivers a rarely heard, overtone-rich sound with lots of color and a soloistic volume.

This violin is of absolutely professional quality and is a real masterpiece.

The violin is currently being used solistically by Mr. Igor Budinstein, solo violinist and violist. It can be heard in Berlin, please check for actual performances. 

A short video about this can be viewed under the “Play Videos” button.

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