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Produkte aus dem Hause ARCUS

Violin bow ARCUS T4

Violin bow ARCUS T4

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The T-bows are the perfect all-rounders. Their sound is warm and brilliant at the same time and therefore suits almost every cello. Their stick is very strong and therefore allows for extremely powerful playing, while their less deep bend offers a very soft approach. Their low weight makes it possible to play baroque and classical music with the necessary swing. Finally, like all Arcus bows, they take as much strain off the bow hand as possible, so that even the longest rehearsals and demanding concerts become a pleasure.

The T4 offers an ambitious introduction to the world of Arcus bows. It does not require perfect bowing technique, but also offers real added value for amateurs and ambitious students. With the T4, demanding passages can be mastered immediately, which previously required a lot of effort with the heavy wooden bow. It is therefore a real help in learning and refining advanced bowing techniques.

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Additional attributes:

Stainless steel finish

Weight approx. 71g

classic frog made of snakewood

Round stick

100% made in Germany


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