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Cello bow ARCUS S8 silver

Cello bow ARCUS S8 silver

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Our S-bows produce a brilliant and uniquely powerful sound. This makes them the first choice for most soloists. They are therefore an ideal addition to all large cellos, such as Goffriller and Montagnana models with their full, dark sound. The arches with square poles are particularly lively and agile and practically jump on their own. The round bars behave much calmer and follow the movements of the hand precisely.

Cello bow Carbon Arcus S8 silver

The S8 with silver trim actually has the same great sounding bar as the gold S8, it's just a little more classic in appearance and of course a bit cheaper.

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Other attributes:

Features: Sterling silver

classic frog made from selected snakewood

Natural hair

Bar: round or octagonal

✔ Stick: round or octagonal

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