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Produkte aus der Meisterwerkstatt Lien Violins

Cello set "Performance" 4/4 perfect for beginners and advanced players

Cello set "Performance" 4/4 perfect for beginners and advanced players

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Cello 4/4 David Lien from master workshop, complete with bag and bow

For a short sound sample please click on “play videos”!

Are you looking for a student cello of violin making quality, or a good amateur instrument that shouldn't be too expensive? You found it!

David Lien cellos have been tried and tested for many years, established on the market and enjoy a high reputation among cello teachers and musicians.


Hand-made violoncello, cello "Professional D", squeaky clean, including a good carbon bow. The cello in a quality that you can only get from violin makers at double or triple the price.

David Lien makes violins and cellos in the Cremonese tradition, from the best tonewoods and with great care. The instruments are made according to all the rules of violin making: 4 corner blocks, neatly fitted bridge (Aubert bridges, not cheap products), matching voice, individual flames, partly one-piece backs. Of course, the woods used have been seasoned for many years and are in no way "forced dried", as is the case with many instruments even in this price category.

All instruments are marked with the master's label and signature.

The back is made of sycamore maple and is usually in two parts, the top is made of hazel spruce. The sides, neck and scroll are made of maple. The snail is neatly pricked.

All cellos are of course equipped with an ebony fingerboard, ebony pegs and fine-tuning tailpiece.

We deliver the instrument ready to play with very good Pirastro or Thomastik strings, which, in addition to an easy response, guarantee an extraordinarily full, warm and, above all, evenly responsive tone.

Our final inspection includes: bridge, voice, endpin, strings, bow, short audition.

Bridge: Aubert or Despiaux made in France

Bag 20 mm padded, backpack straps, music pocket

Bow: carbon bow cello

Other accessories: rosin, cello board (adjustable)

You can't go wrong with this cello: We guarantee your satisfaction, offer a 2-year warranty and, if you don't like it, we'll take the instrument back within 14 days without any ifs or buts.

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