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Carbon violin "Hybrid Line" German Musical Instrument Prize 2015

Carbon violin "Hybrid Line" German Musical Instrument Prize 2015

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Carbon Violin "DesignLine Hybrid"

Carbon Violin "DesignLine Hybrid"

Product Description

The award-winning Carbon Violin "DesignLine Hybrid" revolutionizes the playing experience with its built-in pickup system. Designed for musicians who make no compromises, this instrument allows for seamless performance, both acoustically and with electrical amplification.

Unique Playing Quality

Enjoy feather-light responsiveness in all positions, direct contact with the instrument, and immediate sound feedback from your movements. These aspects contribute to a surprisingly pleasant playing experience from the very first note.


Whether professionals, amateurs, beginners, classical music fans, or crossover musicians, more and more violinists are convinced of the flexibility of our carbon violin. The carrying, assertive tone excels in every setting, from intimate home spaces to large concert halls.

Quality and Reliability

Made 100% in our workshop, we guarantee the highest quality and reliability. No instrument leaves our house unchecked. We offer a 5-year unconditional manufacturer warranty and continue to provide advice and support years after the purchase.

ANS Pickup System

The ANS pickup system stands for "absolute natural sound" and delivers on its promise. The passive jack socket is firmly built into the left rib, for quick and easy connection to the amplifier, without influencing the acoustic sound.

Technical Details

  • Body made of 100% full carbon
  • Wittner composite tailpiece and fine-tuning pegs
  • Coated Kevlar tailpiece loop
  • Composite chin rest, allergy-free, very ergonomic shape
  • Own grooves in the lower ribs for secure attachment of any shoulder rest
  • Scale: Standard (Stradivari)
  • Fingerboard: Composite, CITES-free, exchangeable
  • Bridge: Despiaux (or upgrade to MILO STAMM ROYAL)
  • Sound post: Spruce (or upgrade to Anima Nova Carbon Sound Post)
  • Strings: Pirastro EVAH PIRAZZI
  • Available with 4 or 5 strings
  • Available in original black with the distinctive 3D carbon pattern, or with a wood-imitation finish

An active system with XLR or combo jack is available upon request.

For a summary of the differences between the various models (EvoLine, DesignLine, PremiumLine) please click here. 

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