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Carbon cello "Design Line" new model 2021

Carbon cello "Design Line" new model 2021

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Carboncello "Design Line" Product Description

Carboncello "Design Line" - 2021 Model

Discover the newly revised Carboncello "Design Line" for a revolutionary playing experience. This instrument offers a feather-light response in all positions, direct contact, and immediate sound feedback of your movements. A surprisingly pleasant playing experience is revealed from the first note.

The Carboncello is valued by a growing community of cellists, including professionals, amateurs, beginners, classical enthusiasts, and crossover musicians. It is perfect for acoustic and amplified performances, in intimate spaces or large concert halls, providing a carrying, assertive, and deep tone in any environment.

Each cello is made 100% in our workshop, allowing us full control over quality. No instrument leaves our house without having been thoroughly tested. We trust in the quality of our instruments and offer a 5-year unlimited manufacturer's warranty.

Our service does not end with the purchase. We are also available years later to provide advice and assistance.

Technical Details

  • Body made of 100% full carbon
  • Wittner plastic tailpiece and fine-tuning pegs
  • Coated Kevlar tailpiece loop
  • Scale: Standard (Stradivari)
  • Fingerboard: Composite, CITES-free, insensitive to temperature, replaceable
  • Bridge: Despiaux (Optional upgrade to MILO STAMM ROYAL available)
  • Sound post: Spruce (Optional upgrade to Anima Nova Carbon sound post available)
  • Carbon spike with a locking mechanism
  • Available in original black with the distinctive 3D carbon pattern, or with a wood imitation varnish (=Orchestra Line)
  • Strings: Larsen Aurora (Optional upgrades available)
  • finish: 3 times varnished, sanded and polished

For a summary of the differences between the available models (EvoLine, DesignLine, PremiumLine) please click here

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