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Produkte aus dem Hause ARCUS

Bow Carbon Viola Viola ARCUS T7

Bow Carbon Viola Viola ARCUS T7

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Viola bow Carbon Arcus T7

The T-bows are ideal for all medium-sized violas with a body length of 40 to 42 cm and a string length of 36 to 38 cm. Their sound is warm and brilliant at the same time, never nasal, but always free, open and multifaceted. They enrich your playing by opening up completely new technical and sonic possibilities.

The T7 is the perfect bow for the demanding orchestral musician. With it you can master any repertoire and are well equipped for the occasional solo. With a sound that is fuller and richer in overtones than any wooden bow, you also have the best cards in a competition or audition.

The bow is in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Other attributes:

Weight approx. 60g

Frog: fine snakewood

Rod: round

Features: 935 silver

made in Germany

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